Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic Call Tracking allows you to track calls from any source by substituting phone numbers on your website or app with designated, dynamic call tracking numbers. When a lead browses to your website or uses your app the phone number they see is unique to the campaign or content that piqued their interest.

Dynamic Call Tracking uses call analytics empowering the marketer to know which channel, ad or keyword drive the highest response rates through the use of call analytics. This makes it a powerful tool to increase your ad performance without increasing your ad spend.

Call Scoring

Call scoring allows calls to be graded using well defined, measurable identifiers to obtain metics on the quality of inbound leads. This allows clients to:

  • Identify the channels, ads and keywords that generate quality calls
  • More wisely finance campaigns that create valuable leads
  • Objectively measure the value of lead generation
  • Increase quality of service and customer experience

Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing works in conjunction with Dynamic Call Tracking & Call Scoring to forward your leads to specific agents, departments or locations based on unique criteria such as:

  • The reason for the call
  • The geographic location of the caller
  • The product or brand assigned to the dynamic call number