Increase Your Exposure and Revenue with Google Street View!

Have you ever used Google Street View to look up a park, street, or other location? Would you like to use the same technology to showcase your business, and increase your revenues?

Positioners Inc. is pleased to offer Google Street View virtual tours of your business premise(s). These tours use the same photographic techniques used in Google Street View to provide 360 ˚ interactive panoramas inside businesses. This virtual tour of your business then appears in Google Street View, Google Maps, and Google+ pages of your business. A link to your virtual tour is also included in Google search results for your business. The tour can even be added to your Facebook page.

If you are a service organization such as a restaurant, hotel, hair salon, retail store, or car dealership, you can benefit by giving your customers an immersing experience of your business before they even step in the door! Even if you are a manufacturing company, a tour can help your business by showing how you are efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly, and a great place to work.

Since 2014 we have been a Google Street View Trusted Photographer providing the highest quality, yet remarkably affordable tours for organizations in London, and Southwestern Ontario.

Given the fact that 83% of Canadians use their mobile device on the go, having a 360 ˚ virtual tour of your business could be the deciding factor that gives you a competitive advantage over the competition.

Google Trusted Photographer in London Ontario

Check the following videos to see how it works.