Digital Marketing done properly is time consuming!

Many small and medium sized Enterprises face the challenge of trying to run a comprehensive digital marketing strategy but it is time consuming and when considering some of the options I have listed below it can be a little overwhelming!

1. Big Data (including market and customer insight and predictive analytics)
2. Content marketing Communities (Branded niche or vertical communities)
3. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) / improving website experiences
4. Display (Banners on publishers, ad networks social media including
retargeting and programmatic)
5. Internet of Things (IoT) marketing applications
6. Marketing Automation (incl CRM, behavioural Email marketing and web
7. Mobile marketing (Mobile advertising, site development and apps)
8. Paid search marketing, e.g. Google AdWords Pay Per Click
9. Online PR (including influencer outreach)
10. Partnerships including affiliate and co-marketing
11. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO or organic search)
12. Social media marketing including Social CRM and Social Customer Care
13. Wearables (e.g. Apple Watch, activity trackers, augmented reality)

If the above list leaves your head spinning please realize you are not alone. I suggest to look for a company that is small enough to be nimble and responsive to your needs treating you like a valued client, and not just a tiny minnow in the ocean.

Digital Marketing is Time Consuming